Engine Diagnostics


Vehicles today are characterised by complex systems that are responsible for various operations. As with any other system, they are bound to malfunction at some point due to countless reasons. Some vehicles indicate when there is a problem, but others don’t have the best self-diagnosis elements, which means that you notice the problem when it’s too late. A failed engine system can interfere with the driveability of a car and pose certain road risks. Hiring professionals to handle the complexity of engine diagnostics is the best solution. At South West Motors, we understand the importance of getting extensive diagnostic services for engine systems and that is why we guarantee comprehensive servicing in Taunton, Somerset.

Detecting Problems

When there is any problem with the engine system, the computer logs it before it signals the engine light. A diagnostic test involves checking the computer for all recorded problems to gauge where the real issue lies. Conducting these tests will make it less complicated for mechanics to provide a suitable solution. With diagnostics tests, it takes less time to pinpoint the problems, which means your car is in the shop for a short while. At South West Motors, we provide testing for all vehicle types.

Providing Solutions

We use the latest diagnostic tools to ensure your vehicle gets high-standard servicing. Our technicians have access to the best auto repair information systems to guarantee that different vehicle elements receive the right care. Some of the components we check during diagnostics include temperature, oxygen, crankshaft, and throttle sensors, fuel injection systems, inertia switches, and airflow metres. With 33 years in this business, we have more than an average grasp of the repair and servicing solutions that different clients require.

Friendly Service

When using South West Motors for diagnostic testing for your car’s engine, we ensure that the inconvenience is as minimal as possible. For one, we have a 24-hour recovery service that you can call when your car stalls in the middle of the road. We provide competitive rates for clients to benefit from low-cost servicing. You also get a courtesy car to ensure your daily goings-on are not interrupted. Call South West Motors for superior engine diagnostics and servicing in Taunton.

Wheel balancing & wheel alignment

After a new tyre is fitted, it is important to check that your wheels are properly balanced and aligned. Poorly balanced wheels will put additional strain on your suspension system, and can make your ride feel bumpy and uncomfortable and lead to more serious problems. If you have noticed uneven tyre wear patterns, this can often be due to your wheel alignment. We make sure that everything is lined up as it should before your car leaves us.

South West Motors are a local company based in Taunton, Somerset. We have 33 years experience and always deliver a friendly and professional service. Call us today for a quote or to book your free safety check.

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