Come to us for all of your vehicle servicing: we can do everything a main dealer can, but at a fraction of the cost! Your car manufacturer recommends that you take your car for a service on a regular basis. This is usually once per year, or after travelling around 12,000 miles. This can be a costly proposition when you take it to the main dealer, but did you realise that you do not have to take your car to them for its annual service, and that having it serviced by South West Motors will not affect your warranty?

Why Does My Car Need Servicing?

A regular service can reduce the risk of a costly breakdown, and will keep your vehicle running smoothly. We will use manufacturer approved parts to protect your warranty, and your car will be in the hands of one of our trained technicians. A regular service also helps to make sure that your car and its occupants remain safe, as we will check the tyres and brakes – even if it is not yet time for your MOT. A fully completed service schedule will also protect your vehicle’s value and give confidence to future buyers.

What Is Included In Our Services?

What is included in your regular car service will vary depending on the make and model of vehicle and the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, but will usually include:

  • Oil change and oil filter replacement
  • Coolant levels checked and topped up if needed
  • Check all lights are working
  • Check brakes and tyres are in good condition
  • Windscreen wipers tested and washer fluid filled

Diesel vehicles also need regular fuel filter changes.

South West Motors have 33 years experience and can service your car at low cost. We are helpful and friendly and can even offer you a courtesy car. Contact us to book your service today.

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